Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Opinion Essay

     Nowadays, many teenagers like to go out with the friends and seldom stay at home. They begin to find less time for the relatives and want to leave somewhere because they mature and they need more time for themselves.

     First of all,there are people who think that it is bad. Because the family is the most important that is in human life. It is necessary to please mother and the father. To talk to them and to try to be near always. Because they have brought up you and you have to them be grateful. You can have a rest together.The teenager has to be at home and learn to relax with the relatives. And to go out with the friends once a month or less often.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Informal letter

Dear Susan, thank you for your letter. I was awfully glad to get your letter. You have told me that last Saturday you was invinted to you friends birt

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Informal letter

Dear Tom,
            Thank you for your letter I was so happy to get it. Sorry for late answer. How are things going? 
 I’m writing you to tell about Russian holidays. First of all, today is the 1st March - first day of spring. We saw off winter. This holiday is called Maslenitsa.For Maslenitsa we cook pancakes.We meet spring by this holiday .We burn an effigy and we see off winter. We wait for spring very muchNevertheless, it is rather cold in Russia in March . Snow doesn't melt in March and it is very sad because everybody wait for warm. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


This exiting module is about discovered people who changed the world.
      For example what do you know about Thomas Edison? He is real genius.He invented or contributed  to recorded music, electrical systems, the telephone, the alkaline battery, x-rays and an early cinema projector. Incredibly, by the end of his life he held 1,093 patents and he is responsable for more  inventions than any other inventor in history.
   In the world there are many talented people who think out various interesting inventions. These inventions help mankind to be better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It was risky, but I knew I wanted to try it.
   In 1957, Russia unmanned Sputnik 1, the first launched satellite to successfully orbit Earth. In 1961 Vostok 1 completed one orbit around the Earth carrying.
   My impressions very fascinating because I first who has departed to space. It were difficult and for many years in my life. I prepared and hoped that everything will turn out. Here that day has come when the satellite to come of from the earth and I have understood that it the beginnings of a big adventure. I tested a fright. Years of trainings, it seemed that to depart to space not really, but here now you understand that this time has come. Nothing can already place to you. Of course it is terrible. Novel always frightens.
       But to see the earth from space was worth it. It is very difficult to transfer my feelings then. I as if have forgotten where I and who I am. Observed, wrote down and transferred data to the earth.In space not as on the earth. Time stops and to you nothing limits but it was at first very difficult to adapt to new living conditions. But I knew that this travel will be successful.This hope helped me to adapt to life within space.
                                                                                              Yrui Gagrin